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Women In Computer Science

I just got an A+ on my Senior Paper! This may be the last time I graduate college. Which may make it my final Senior Paper ever.

When I graduated from the U of M a decade ago I had 192 credits and a GPA of 3.96. Over the last few years I tacked on another 44 at a 4.0. I believe that makes me the champion of undergraduate pursuits. I feel like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham when he breaks the minor league home run record.

Really I can't wait to be done with school. Much like the rest of life, school's been mostly suck lately. My days are all spent coding for work now, so spending my evenings coding for school makes for unblogworthy suck.

Just a couple more weeks though, then I'll have the time and money to make some blogworthy bad decisions.

The Paper - Why Are So Few Women In Computer Science?

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