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The U.S. Open

Hit Palmers bar at 1pm just in time to catch the Murray/Mayer 3rd Round match. This one's a snoozer. Sip on a bloody mary and try to crack a crossword but they're a lot harder by yourself.

Up next are the top two American women: Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens. Stephens is the favorite of the East African gentleman to my left. First half of my pitcher she hangs around. By the third glass Serena's dominance becomes evident.

It occurs to me that Serena Williams is in a class of her own. Of all women in all sports no one compares. A couple years back she disappeared from the scene, but recent events have cemented her #1 ranking. It's hard for me to imagine tennis without her.

More pitchers, more tennis, new bartenders. 10 hours later Big John says it's time to go home.

When I come to in the morning she and some other guy are moving out her stuff. Reminds a guy of happier times when he was the one moving in her stuff. Good time to take a walk to nowhere in particular.

Walking I contemplate Serena Williams and her place in tennis. Sure some other woman must eventually come along and sieze the crown, but my gut says that's years away. For now there is only one Serena.

Rain delay at the U.S. open so they're airing famous 5th-set tiebreakers. She and other guy return for more stuff just as Pete Sampras is vomiting at 1-1 in the 1996 Quarterfinal tiebreaker against Alex Corretja. Dry heaving at 5-4 as plants start leaving the living room. The match ends with a whimper as Corretja double-faults at 7-7 and 7-8. All that remains are cacti and dead flowers.

Serena should cruise through the next two rounds. If she makes it to the final Victoria Azarenka could cause her problems, but all signs suggest another championship in the making. If she does trip up and get knocked out maybe I'll begin to accept the possibility that she is not the be-all end-all of tennis. But that shit sucks too.

Really I think I just want her to stay #1 forever. There's only one Serena.

Puddnhead wrote on 2013-09-09:

Update: She cruised through the next 2 rounds. Azarenka made an improbable comeback in the 2nd set of the final but Serena crushed her in the 3rd.

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