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Stupor 19

For the second year in a row I finished Stupor Bowl. It was a little easier this year. 5 miles and 2 drinks shorter for me. I spent some time at my last stop having a conversation with a woman who used to deal me poker out in Columbus, Minnesota. And I still finished comfortably.

Last year after I finished I crashed super hard emotionally. In part it was all the booze and adrenalin. But another part was showing up to the Nomad and re-entering popularity contest people-using-people who's-the-hippest world of reality. I left for the cover band show at the Hexagon, stayed for one band, then went home and made a Facebook post about what a piece of shit I am.

Athletics for me are the closest I ever get to meditation. It's endorphins and focus. It's not thinking about anything else. During Stupor Bowl I'm the friendliest motherfucker in the world or at least at all the bars. Until it's over.

This year I was determined to be mindful and not get down on myself once the race was over. Instead I ran into an old friend at Palmers and made a mess of everything. I shared a couple text messages I'd received that really I shouldn't have shared. Which upset everybody, including future sober me. Goddamnit.

I guess there's always next year.

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