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Midnight by the River

i was feeling crazy
so I brought a few beers to the river
I parked near a house with blue Christmas lights
then stepped into the darkness
the trail next to the trestle bridge

I couldn't see much
but I didn't need to, really
I heard critters
and I felt the occasional spider web
but there's little to fear down by the river
on a chilly night

the beach was moist
but I didn't mind
I sat by a tree and opened a Spotted Cow
it was my roommate's beer
but he wouldn't mind

ever notice how you feel less lonely
once you're truly alone?
maybe because the distance feels unintentional
whereas walls have reasons

people tell me I'm too contrary
but people who aren't
the ones who go along to get along
well I've never been able to trust them
maybe that's why we always fight
with the ones we love

the water was calm
and there weren't any frogs
I wondered where they all went
usually this late they'd be out dancing
but not tonight

I could see the other side of the river
the buildings, the lights, the traffic
and then I saw it upside down in the water
shimmering, imaginary
a world where people didn't jump off bridges
they jumped into them

across the river lay shadows
and perhaps another me
or if not me, my complement
gazing across the water at my side of the river
wishing they were here

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