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Lost in Translation

I've been feeling pretty Lost in Translation lately.

In recent news, I graduated college Summa Cum Laude. Again. I got a raise at work and now make about 3x what I've ever made in my life. I rule at my job. I'm the healthiest I've been in years. I gave up meat again.

Today I was planning for 2014 and decided I'd like to win the World Series of Poker main event. And write an Oscar-winning screenplay. And fall madly in love with a smart sexy single woman. And win the lottery and buy the Timberwolves and make my own gameday promotions like free entry if you're dressed as a Harry Potter character. I'd have two grandmasters set up a table at center court and play chess on the big screen during commercial timeouts. I'd probly settle for the smart sexy one.

I have vague plans of impromptu travelling. Why not. I recently rediscovered the song "New York, New York" as sung by Liza Minneli and am currently listening to it really loud. I suppose I'll visit New York at some point in 2014. But I'm leaning towards less glamorous cities I've never seen like Fargo and Memphis. Perhaps I'll be the first tourist to ever visit Gary, Indiana. My roommate wants to do a weekend somewhere exotic with beaches and hot people. Everything's on the table right now. I'm still leaning Fargo.

In any case, I can't imagine 2014 could be any worse than 2013. No more 70 hour weeks. No more crutches. No more ice packs. Maybe I'll even pull my head out of my ass and stop dwelling on the past. Anything's possible.

I played one of the dumbest games of chess I've ever played earlier tonight. I won in 84 moves after whiffing on several checkmate opportunities.

I won a bunch of money playing poker the other day too. And Steve and I were undefeated at pool at the Dentist show a few nights ago. Come to think of it, I won every chess game I played today too.

Pretty sure I lost anyway.

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