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Happy Fucking Valentines Day

Just finished a first draft of the first short story I've written in many years. It'll probly end up in a dark corner of this website some day. It's about an office worker who craps his pants and ends up crawling around above the ceiling tiles with his ex.

I'm listening to the E.T. soundtrack as loud as my headphones will allow. E.T. is currently my 6th favorite movie of all time. In other top 40 news, I bumped Mallrats for Willy Wonka tonight. This is not the first time Willa Wonka has appeared on my top 40. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

I recently made $500 worth of prop bets on the Super Bowl and came out $80 ahead. Except I was wamboozled by the online gambling site that took my bets. In order to cash out I had to place $1500 more worth of bets. So I did and as of yesterday I was $300 ahead and cashed it all out. I had been down a couple hundred coming down the stretch but my inner gambler got the best of me and I placed a big bet on a parlay like in Silver Linings Playbook (36 out of 40). Similar ending except I didn't end up making out with Jennifer Lawrence.

My Valentine's Day resolution this year is to not get in an after-bar argument with Nick Hammer about girls from the bar. If we're going to argue about girls from the bar we will have to keep it at the bar. I'm really going to try to restrain myself in the kitchen.

Last karaoke: Naked and Famous by the Presidents of the United States of America

Next karaoke: Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog

At work I'm learning a lot about software development very quickly. This week at my request I switched over to working on Dojo/MVC/UI/Javascript junk, which is all pretty new to me. That's going pretty well.

Sounds like it's time for E.T. to go home. It's a date.

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