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Halfway Up The Hill

I'm halfway up the the hill in Matthews Park with Reuben listening to his music and his problems. I think that Reuben's music is more interesting than 95% of the music I see around town. It's the exact opposite of my music. I was in a band that wrote 17 songs in 4 years. Reuben has recorded thousands of hours of music. My favorite quote of his tonight: "You can get lost on one string."

I'm in line outside my academic advisor's office. There's a bookshelf full of free books right next to his door. They're all computer programming books 5-10 years old. I pull the Star Tribune out of my bag and start in on the non-NYTimes Friday crossword. I'm killing it in the bottom right.

I'm at the Nomad with some guys who used to work at Jimmy John's and some managers who do still work at Jimmy John's. Jared and Zack are telling stories about urban chickens. Jared has three bandaids on that spot between your thumb and your index finger where it would really suck to be a bike delivery guy and have a wound. He tried to stop a neighbor's dog but instead he got 3 bandaids and 3 dead chickens. They weren't even his chickens.

I'm on my couch watching the U.S. open and implementing getDisplayText() which doesn't change everything but still I have to alter MetaElementProblem ResultProblemTest MetaModel MetaModelImpl MetaModelDisplayElement and half a dozen others. The exciting part is that now I can completely rewrite MetaModelElementRestServiceIntegrationTest.

I'm listening to "Naked and Famous" by the Presidents of the United States of America and blogging.

I hear Lucius outside and go to the door to let him in. Actually he's excited because Lita's gardening. She didn't expect me to be working from home today. "How are you?" She's good and asks how I am. "I'm alright. I guess I'll let Lucius stay out here." I think this is improvement. The last few times I've seen her I've just nodded.

I'm on Sky's porch and Reuben's here. His baby's mama is coming over with her guy friend and she's going to call the cops if he's still there. They live together and it sounds pretty rough. How about we walk around South Minneapolis and drink beers in the street for several hours?

My advisor is telling me that this meeting was not required for graduation, so I guess I didn't have to work from home today. "All A's?" I couldn't agree more. I forget sometimes too. I used to cling to my school skills. One semester when I really didn't have much going for me I took 24 credits including a graduate seminar I wasn't qualified to take. All the credits after 15 were free back then though.

I'm at the Wienery getting way too much food (Minneapolis Brat no relish and a Picnic Polish). She's not quite open but more than accomodating. It's so different being awake in mornings.

I'm at the Hard Times not hanging out with Wil and his fucked up leg. Instead I'm writing about my own problems. Sooner or later I spose I'll have to consider problems outside my own. Not there yet I guess.

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