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I broke my long-running streak of not getting my ass kicked. I violated my rule of not picking a fight with a bunch of guys. It's a pretty good rule. By definition they have numerical superiority. I'll have to try to remember that next time. The fight was basically like when James T. Kirk gets assaulted in the bar in J.J. Abram's Star Trek (2009). I got in a few good blows against my initial attacker, but then the rest of the guys jumped in and it wasn't much of a fight. The only difference being I didn't have somebody to stick kleenex in my nose afterward, offer me a drink, and encourage me to join Starfleet.

In site news, I have finally added a new zine to the zines section and it's awesome! It's called Dreams of Dirty Dishes and I highly recommend you sink your eyes into the freely available PDF. It's about washing dishes in Madison in the 80s and 90s. Also sexs drugs and rock and roll. You know, the classics.

In me news, I just finished writing a short story about a guy who goes around the city causing trouble with a cab driver who looks like the mayor. It includes guns and gambling and booze. It's kind of a turd of a story. Still, I believe that if I keep writing at a good clip I'll get pretty good at it. That's my working theory anyway.

In other me news I recently travelled to a bunch of distant cities and I'm going to start writing about the movies I saw in them. Should be compelling stuff.

This seems to be the best video I can find on youtube of that barfight. Hm.

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