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Broken Knee

Hello fellow workers/writers/weirdos and welcome to Rabble Distro!

It's the last day of January 2011 and I'm just putting the first finishing touches on phase one of my new zine distro. Phase two will involve printing stickers and me posting them in bathrooms all across this great land.

My intentions with this zine distro are two-fold:

  • To reproduce and distribute my favorite subversive DIY scribblings
  • To encourage the general public to write me letters

    I cannot claim that any of the zines found within this website will teach you any practical lessons about the world. But I will vouch that they are well-written and entertaining glimpses into a world of underground struggle that cannot be found in any American Literature curriculum.

    I'm specifically drawn to short snappy sentences about punks, parties, and political dissidence. I'm also a sucker for a good firsthand account of an organizing campaign. That's more or less what you'll find here.

    Couple quick notes on this first draft of this website:

    I'm slowly catching up to modern web design, but for now this site is frame-based and a tad clunky. Last time I spent any significant chunk of time designing a website was a decade ago when I looked like this:

    These days I look this (without shirt):

    As you can see I have a little catching up to do. Luckily I broke my knee working my stupid job and have all the time in the world.

    Spose I'll close this opening update by saying I'm not sure where this distro will go from here - if I'll add a million zines or never update it again. I promise though that if you write me a letter I will always write back.

    Cheers and enjoy!

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