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I'm sitting at my computer desk reading an e-mail. My landlord has e-mailed to tell me he never got rent this month and we're being charged a late fee. I'm going to have to cancel my rent check and write another one.

I'm sitting on the couch watching "The Mindy Project" on Hulu with my roommate Maria. An episode ends. I ask Maria what she thinks. Meh. I should probably go to the Hexagon instead of sitting on the couch all night.

I'm at a counter talking to a bank teller. I'd like to cancel a check. You'd like to stop payment on a check? Yeah. You'll have to go speak to membership services about that. Is that the desk over there? Yeah.

I'm watching a stoner goth band at the Hexagon. There are about a dozen punks spread out around a room that could hold 200. An older native guy is yelling into my ear but the only word I've caught so far is "daughter." He's pointing at a woman I take for his daughter. She's up at the stage by herself doing a sexy dance to the stoner goth band. Periodically she tires of this and drifts back towards us. When this happens the older native guy pushes her back up to the stage, then shouts something in my ear.

I'm at the membership services desk talking to a bank representative. You'll have to meet with one of our membership services representatives, but they're all assisting other customers right now so it's going to be a few minutes. Do you know how long it will be? A woman who's been waiting stands up and walks out of the bank. Well she's leaving, so hopefully it won't be too long.

There's nobody playing pool, but an old guy is bent over one of the tables like he's considering it. Where do you they keep the balls? You have to pay for them. Do you want to play a game? Where do they keep the balls in these things? Oh nevermind. Back to stoner goth.

I'm seated at a desk in a bank office talking to a membership services representative. Sorry about this, I haven't done one of these in a while, and I'm having a hard time finding the form. We don't actually have the paper form anymore, you see. Is there somebody you can ask? You've waited long enough, let me see if I can find one of the paper forms. I'm sitting by myself in a bank office. I steal some pens.

The band has broken a string and a drum head. I walk back into the bar and sit down at a bar stool. The bartender approaches. No I don't need anything. I'm just going to sit here and get drunk. A group of four ladies has started a pool game in the back corner of the bar. One of them looks like a couple girlfriends ago. Turns out she is a couple girlfriends ago. It's pouring rain outside and we've lost satellite reception. The TV's are all stuck on two garbled faces.

I have just filled out a paper form describing my missing rent check. A membership services representative is now entering the information I have written down into an electronic form, which she has apparently located. Now let me just get you a receipt for the $25 fee. Is there anything else I can help you with today? No, I'm good.

I'm at Palmers opening up to Frank. I'm not sure if I'm in a funk or on a roll. Frank suggests that I've discovered banality. It's as good a theory as any. I offer to buy him a drink but the bartender tells me he's cut off. Frank calls the bartender a fucking racist and then catches a bus home. I win a free pitcher of Hamms. I drink it.

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