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Baby Steps

I'm writing this blog in, just for old school's sake. I'm assuming I can still copy and paste with this. I have recently been converted to the VI editor though, I confess.

I'm in some basement of some house I've never heard of watching a country western band. There's a woman with a lot of rings and a lot of hair peering this way and that way around the support beam in front of us. After several minutes of this she leaves.

Graham replaces her and starts in with the same routine. "Who are you looking for!?" (the band's quiet for a basement but loud for my question) Graham was just trying to get a peek at the steel guitar player. He likes steel guitar players but not when they're playing pop country. I start zoning and thinking about this crap I took earlier...

I'm at work taking a crap and this time the urinal and the other stall are full. That's weird because this is the bathroom on the developer side of the building which has less people. It occurs to me that if I were a really tall basketball player and finished pooping and stood up I could very easily make eye contact with the guy pooping next to me. I bet Nikola Pekovic has stories about that.

I'm at the Chatterbox talking to Gladis. She's in my senior project class. The rest of us are all white dudes in our late 20s. She's a white woman in her late 50s. I already knew that she's been a technical writer forever but after talking some I discover that she likes to read and write fiction and ride bikes.

I'm still at the Chatterbox and the NFL season has started. Business seems to be wrapping up here. I need to write some stupid Powerpoint slide about the technologies I'll need to learn for this project and then bullshit about it in front of people. We say our goodbyes and Nick says "goodbye Roselyn." Godfuckingdamnit. I called her Gladis like 8 times tonight. How easy should it have been to remember Roselyn!? Laura Roselyn!? BS-fucking-G!? Fuck sometimes.

I'm listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack and writing a blog. My new roommate's cooking some stuff with some human in the other room. I made a small step towards communicating I think tonight and that's probly a good idea. Had to do with some internet union drama.

I've been saying for quite a while now that drama is the good part of life. For now I'd have to say that's exactly wrong, and I'd rather just be happy again.

I got heated about math at the bar tonight and started writing on napkins. Baby steps.

Puddnhead wrote on 2013-09-05:

You can't copy and paste with it by the way. Also you couldn't use apostrophes in these comments until a few seconds ago.

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