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Another Day of Sun

I'm in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have been taking Spanish classes here for a month. My vocabulary has grown but I still can't understand Spanish for shit.

Tomorrow is my final class at the school I have been attending for the past 4 weeks. I won't be there on time. I did beers and writing instead, which turned into beers and internet talks.

This hostel has worked out pretty well for me. The first night I had to share a room with a slim young American woman. She came home late and is eager to talk.

My second night I moved into my room. I think this room has spoiled me. The air conditioner kind of works, and I am not only able to masturbate but have also learned about new kinds of sex (not with my initial American roommate whose name I know but am omitting). Which means I have been sleeping pretty well.

Hrm. Tonight I tried to convince an old friend that her grandad was a nazi collaborator and after she went to bed I for the third time recommended to her a Tana French book I read while here. I think we had a good chat.

Most of my hours in Guadalajara I have spent trying to learn Spanish. A baseball game and a kid's book in Spanish. I'm reading Coraline currently. It's awesome. Next is Alicia en el PaĆ­s de las Maravillas. It's working for vocabulary, but it's not enough. I think it'll come.

Some other hours I have spent fucking or grilling my date about the local anti-gringo chants the wrestling fans are chanting or being the third hombre on a motorcycle and running all the lights and throwing various coins to see who gets the extra couple 7-11 beers and I suppose walking to 7-11 this night to get an extra 6-pack so I can write a blog after everyone goes to bed.

I also planned a bunch of tourist shit for July, so that'll be next.

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